Aloe Vera – Natures Gift

Digestion, Skin & Well Being


No-one is quite sure why the Aloe Vera plant has such healing and beneficial properties but it is commonly regarded as being a great stabiliser for the immune system.  Aloe Vera is included in all FourFriends naturally hypoallergenic foods which aids both dogs and cats’ digestion to help prevent upset stomachs and build their natural immune system. 

Aloe Vera has proven to be very beneficial in helping conditions of the digestive system particularly where inflammation is involved. 

A number of diseases affecting animals have their origins within the immune system. The most common ones are asthma, hay fever and allergies.  Most animal’s skins problems are commonly associated with disorders of the immune system and Aloe Vera has frequently been found useful as an aid to controlling these problems. 

The most common Ear Condition is Otitis where inflammation and infection develop in the ear canals. Aloe Vera can aid and help prevent reoccurrences and boost the dogs’ own immunities. 

Aloe Vera also aids mobility in older animals with joint problems, and in general induces ‘well being’ and results in thicker, glossier & better quality coats. 

Aloe Vera also has antioxidant properties that are mainly due to its overall effect on the body and its vitamin A, C & E content. Animal’s bodies are exposed to toxic materials on a daily basis, from pollutants, car exhausts preservatives etc. The vitamins in Aloe Vera are used by the liver and other cells to help deal with these effects and prevent damage. There are no known side effects from the use of Aloe Vera in either dog or cat foods. The FourFriends range has been sold for many years in Sweden and Scandinavia.  

All FourFriends ranges from puppy or kitten through to senior contain Aloe Vera as standard to help your furry friend deal with the stains of modern life and keep them at peak condition. 

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