Anyone love large dogs………?

At FourFriends we have been reading about the top breeds to consider if inviting one of the larger breeds to join your households. Obviously, I am not on it as there is only one Bella & I am totally unique.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Swiss are good at many things - fine chocolate, luxury watches... and the Bernese mountain dog. This dog has an affectionate personality and keen intelligence.

With long, silky, tri-colored fur, the Bernese mountain dog is a true outdoors dog that, as its name might imply, fares well in cold weather. Ever patient and loyal, this large dog breed would make a great addition to any family with children, despite having a potential height of 58 to 71 cm and a weight of up to 50kg.

Rough Collie

Collies are a very popular breed of large dog, not only for their obvious ties to classic literature and film, think Lassie, but for their sharp minds and friendly natures. These loyal dogs rarely show signs of aggression unless their owners are in need of protection. Equally fearless and gentle, the collie is good with kids and can be the ideal addition to a happy family.


If you've ever seen a mastiff you will know that they can stand between 2 and 3 feet tall with a weight of 58kg  and upwards.

Though the mastiff seems beast-like, it is surprisingly affectionate, gentle and extremely loyal. Their devotion to their owners and patience with children have secured their popularity for years, though they must be properly socialized to get along well with children and other pets. Their life span is generally between 6 and 10 years, but some have lived as long as 18 years.

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If you need more help with feeding the larger breed dog them just get in touch.



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