Bella's Blog

Hi, I am FourFriends Pet Foods roving newshound BELLA & I am taking over the blogs as the humans are getting far too busy.

 They are concentrating on Customer Service & deliveries and I am running Bella's Blog which will give you tips & information on just about everything relating to cats & dogs. I am a true scent hound. That makes me ideal for sniffing out the gossip in the dog and cat world.

My first fun blogs will be available soon 

I am also doing a Q & A feature so all questions are welcome and I will do my best to research and respond to you. 

I have the help of my ‘freelance’ trainee hounds, Anne & Henry who under my guidance will assist with the paw-work.




We are currently interviewing for a feline correspondent, so we will be announcing a new recruit very shortly. 

We hope all our customers and readers enjoy reading our pawtastic findings.


Article by FourFriends Pet Food,