Benefits of Owning a Pet

Research by Sainsburys Bank Money Matters into the benifits of owning a pet has revealed the following statistics –

  • 88% of dog owners say that they feel happier and have a better quality of life because of their pets
  • 29% of people said that their pet helped them overcome loneliness.
  • 28% of people said that their pet helped them improve their overall fitness.
  • 24% of people said that their pet helped them combat depression.
  • 18% of people say that their pets have made them more sociable by helping them meet more people.
  • 6% of people say that their pet helped them to cope better with a disability.

As your dog provides you with so many benefits, shouldn’t you give them something worthwhile in return? 

FourFriends Pet Foods is a different kind of food which keeps your dog healthy inside and out. To achieve your dog’s optimal health it is really important to provide the body with the necessary nutrients that the dog needs. FourFriends is made of pure ingredients without any cheap or unnecessary by products. All the FourFriends range includes Aloe Vera as standard to support the immune & digestive systems.

Our food has a good quality high meat content – up to 87% of the total amount of protein comes from animal origin. FourFriends is also completely gluten free.


We have a range to suit all lifestyles and ages from Puppy or Kitten to Senior and as the food has a low feeding rate we offer superb value for money.


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Article by FourFriends Pet Food,