Can The Size Of A Dog Tell You Anything About The Owner?

Dogs and their owner’s personalities 

It is a common belief that dogs mirror their owners and you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their dog.

If you choose a dog which is big, furry and a heavy shedder, chances are you are the kind of person who is not too fussy about your home being neat & tidy and does not mind dog hair around the house. On the other hand if you choose a light shredder or a breed with hardly any fur, chances are that you will be finicky about cleanliness. 

For either end of the scale, feeding your dog a naturally hypoallergenic super premium food such as FourFriends will help with your dog’s coat and prevent any excessive shedding. 

Research suggests the nature of the dog (although not the general nature of the breed) can be linked to the owner’s personality. As a general observation, owners who are friendly and outgoing people will usually have dogs that mix well in company and happily let other dogs into their home. Owners who are miserable and reticent generally have dogs who do not mix well and are snappy and wary of strangers. 

The size of the dog can tell you a few things about the owner. Big dogs require more exercise and are generally kept by outdoors types who will walk in any weather & not sit huddled by the fire on winter days. People with small dogs may be more emotional, particularly ones who cuddle their dogs on their knees as they are looking for comfort form their dog. 

Whatever you or your dog’s personality, FourFriends have a food to suit their lifestyle. From our high meat protein FourFriends Power Formula for the hard-working active dog to FourFriends Small Breed for the little cuties, all our food contains Aloe Vera as standard and is guaranteed to bring out the best in your treasured canine companion. All our range contains a natural high content and are gluten free. We use only pure ingredients for optimum health. 

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