Cats and Carbohydrates

Cats and Carbohydrates

Like most animals, healthy adult cats don’t require carbohydrates in their diet. But glucose, which is a simple carbohydrate which is metabolically essential.

Most body cells normally use glucose as their primary energy source. While some cells can use other energy sources such as fatty acids, the brain, innermost area of the kidneys and red blood cells need a constant glucose supply.

Keep in mind, that cats typically prefer to eat several small meals throughout the day, which is an eating pattern that favours a reduced, but regular, intake of carbohydrates and may complement their liver’s enzyme physiology. So, although cats break down carbohydrates differently from dogs and other species, healthy cats can efficiently digest, absorb and use dietary carbohydrates.


Why does my cat need meat?

Consumption of meats helps to support healthy growth, maintain tissues and organs and support a healthy metabolism, among other bodily functions. Without meat-based proteins and the amino acids they contain, cats can quickly develop potentially fatal health issues. Plants and cereals can provide some protein, but they don't contain many of the necessary amino acids required.

Arginine is one essential amino acid that cats are likely to develop a deficiency in if not fed enough meat-based proteins. Cats use arginine quickly and can’t create their own. If a cat doesn’t get enough Arginine it will lead to sickness, lethargy and drooling and possibly even convulsions. As food is digested, protein is broken down, producing by-products such as ammonia. Cats require it to make enzymes that the liver uses to remove these by-products from the body. When ammonia is not cleared, it builds up quickly and results in these signs of toxicity.

Cats also need Taurine. Dogs can create Taurine themselves, unfortunately cat can’t. Taurine is the most essential amino acid a cat needs as it supports normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function and keeps immune systems healthy. life.

What should I feed my cat?

Use a high-quality meat-based food, such as FourFriends. Meat should be listed first.

So, you’re looking for an ingredients list with a high meat content, as few cereals as possible and the obligatory amino acid Taurine.

A cat’s food is only complete when Taurine has been added to the recipe. Any foods that don’t list Taurine in the main ingredients or Nutritional additives are classed as complimentary will need to be supplemented with another food that does contain Taurine.

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