Does Your Cat Suffer From Bladder Stones?

FourFriends Premium Quality Sterilized Food For Cats With Bladder Stones

FourFriends Premium Quality Cat Foods cater for all of your cat's needs at all life stages.  All our foods are naturally hypoallergenic and because we love all cats we add Aloe Vera for cats skin and optimum health.

FourFriends Premium Quality Sterilized Cat Food has been especially developed for the cat that has urinary tract problems. Bladder stones are formed by minerals which first precipitate out in the urine as individual microscopic crystals. Over time, these crystals unite and small grains of sand-like material may be formed.  Once these grains are present, additional precipitation forms on the surface and the tiny specks are gradually built into stones that can sometimes reach over 25mm in diameter.

Struvite crystals are made up of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate.  The crystals are more likely to develop in alkaline urine. The main dietary factors which appear to affect the development of struvite crystals are urine pH and low water consumption.

FourFriends Premium Quality Sterilized is a dry complete cat food for all neutered cats. It has a lower magnesium content and different composition of some other minerals to reduce the risk of crystallisation in the bladder.  We would recommend feeding small meals throughout, this will ensure the urine pH will stay more acidic. Always ensure that clean fresh drinking water is readily available. 

Additional natural ingredients in the whole of the FourFriends range act as probiotics to maintain your cat's intestinal flora and keep it in top shape. Scientists have recently found that acemannan, a chemical compound found in Aloe Vera, acts as a strong immunostimulant in animals; particularly cats. Aloe Vera extract is therefore perfectly safe for cats.

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