Ever wondered which breeds are considered good to have as a first time dog owner?

Look no further – I have been looking at a recent list put together by veterinarians to advise first time dog owners.


Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever

This is the number one choice by vets for new dog owners. While they may be large dogs they are sweet & gentle & a wonderful addition to a family. A Golden Retrievers coat needs careful maintenance though to keep them looking beautiful.



This breed is great for ‘beginner’ dog owners. Poodles are known to be smart & energetic but they have a reputation for being aloof with people they don’t know. They come in three sizes but they all have a curly coat that needs a lot of time to groom unless it is cut short.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is a popular toy breed which loves people either sitting on your lap or going for long walks. They can be stubborn but respond well to positive training. They can live quite happily with an older person or with an active family.


A combination of the poodle & Cocker Spaniel, this breed is jolly & affectionate. The coat needs grooming but is ‘low-shed’ so not much hair loss. Because these are cross breed there is no guarantee what size & shape you will end up with.

But more importantly – would WE choose you ……………

Have fun choosing & let us know who your new ‘man’s best friends’ turns out to be.



Article by FourFriends Pet Food,