Exercising Your Dog In Summer

By law your dog should be wearing a collar and tag with your contact details on it. From April 2016 it has also been a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped. 


If it is too hot for the usual walk, keep your dog mentally stimulated by doing some brain games instead. Refresh their basic training or teach them some new tricks. 


Swimming is excellent exercise for dogs and a good alternative to walking them in the summer heat. Remember all dogs do not like to swim so don’t force them and be wary of tides at the beach. Watch out for currents in rivers and seas.

Try to discourage your dog from drinking salt water as it could make sick – take fresh water with you to the beach.

Check freshwater lakes and ponds are clear before allowing your dog to swim and if your dog inhales water contact your vet at once as they can suffer complications. 

Fleas and ticks

Flea bites are generally annoying but if your dog is allergic to them they can cause severe scratching which can become infected.

Ticks are common in woodland and grassland areas and can carry diseases so it is important to remove any immediately. Pet shops sell handy tick-removal devices to make this easier. 

Bees and wasps

Dogs love to chase buzzing insects but getting too close can be dangerous. Most insect stings will simply be painful and irritating but multiple stings can be fatal.

Dogs are also at risk when they snap at bees and wasps as this makes them more likely to be stung in the mouth. Sings in these areas are hazardous because any swelling can block the pet’s airway.

Watch out for signs of any allergic reaction and take them to a vet immediately. 


Adders are the only venomous snake in the UK and while they tend to avoid contact with humans and dogs, you may come across one or two in heathland, woodland or sandy areas.

Adders will bite when threatened so if you think your dog may have been bitten, take him to the vet as soon as possible. 

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