Feeding Myths Revealed

Hi Readers – Bella here to give the truth about strange things we are given to eat by our well meaning owners!!

Dogs like variety

Actually we don’t care, it is our owners who think we need a change of food. Dogs have far fewer taste buds than humans so we don’t share the same food ‘experience’ or have food cravings.

We eat for survival not taste.

The only changes that need to be made is when our requirements change i.e puppy, junior, senior etc.

Homemade dog food is good

No – dogs have different nutritional needs so giving them your Sunday roast is a really bad idea & does not provide a well-balanced canine diet.

Dogs beg because they are hungry

A hungry dog may beg – but that doesn’t mean that all dogs beg because they are hungry. Us pups learn very quickly that if we flutter our eyelashes & look cute we are rewarded with food. This is more about the reward than the food & most dogs are very clever about getting our own way.

 Meat Meal is a bad source of protein

Not true – meat meal is a concentrated source of protein as the water content found in meat has been removed. Meat meal is well digested by dogs and are a good nutrient-dense addition to a canine diet. The better the quality of ingredients, the more nutritional benefit we have.

Obviously, we love being looked after & are very grateful when our owners buy premium dog food that suits our lifestyle. Give me a call here at FourFriends and you can hear it from the hounds mouth so to speak.

Take Care Readers


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