Feeding the Over Weight Dog

Diet is the bricks and mortar of health. This applies to dogs as well as humans. Putting a little thought into what you feed your dog can pay big dividends with their improved health over their lifetime. However, choosing which dog food is the most beneficial isn’t always easy.


As people in general are getting heavier this is being reflected in our dogs weight.  It is rare for medical problems to cause obesity in dogs.


It is estimated that the average UK dog is 22% overweight which will slow down the working speed of their bodies. This makes the dog less active so they do not need to eat as much to maintain their weight.


Dog owners need to resist those beautiful soulful eyes when contemplating sharing their food or snacks. A sausage to a Staffie is the equivalent of one and a half chocolate bars to a human. A chocolate biscuit to a Jack Russell is the same as a portion of chips to a human.


Increasing exercise is not always enough on its own, so to minimise weight problems do not feed your pet ‘between meals’ & use good quality dog foods. This will ensure your dog is receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs for body maintenance. Use the feeding guide on the packaging as a starting point to feed the correct quantity.


FourFriends Weight Control is a natural complete food with a low fat content. Dried chicken and turkey serves as the protein source which has less calories. The high level of protein maintains the muscles and keeps up the metabolism. The fat content is only 10%. We only use specified animal fats, for example, chicken fat, duck oil etc. In using a named source, we can ensure the recipe remains the same from batch to batch.


With Aloe Vera as standard the dogs immune system will be protected when dieting. When trying to reduce your dog’s weight, 2% of the dog’s weight per week is a reasonable rate along with a sensible exercise plan.


Our nutritional team are on hand to help. Why not give us a call on 01302 637377?

Article by Just For Friends,