Feeding the Senior Dog. High Quality Premium Foods Could Save Money

Your dogs nutritional requirements should be tailored to the individual dog.

Dogs are classed as ‘Senior’ usually when they reach approximately seven years old. In larger breeds this will be younger at around 5-6 years and in smaller breeds they will be considered senior at around nine years old.

At this time in their lives they will need a more specialised food as their bodies and digestion start to change and the immune system could deteriorate.  FourFriends foods contain Aloe Vera as standard in all ranges which is recognised as aiding digestion and boosting the immune system. In addition, 84% of the protein in FourFriends Premium Senior dog food comes from animal origin and is highly digestible.

Compared to a typical cereal based food FourFriends Premium Quality Senior is exceptional value for money. You would typically feed 44% less food per day for a 20kg dog. A 12kg bag would last approximately 56 days. 

As your dog’s body slows down it uses less energy and as FourFriends Senior food is lower in calories it will help reduce the likelihood of weight gain. FourFriends Senior is specially formulated with glucosamine and condroitin to assist older dogs with their joint function which can deteriorate with age.  

The skin will become less elastic and the coat may lose its shine so we add Norwegian Salmon Oil and Fruit and Herbal extracts to the formula. 

Weight control is vital to help control symptoms of arthritis. Keep your dog’s exercise constant and exercise little and often.

Your dog may be used to feeding twice a day, however, in later years it may benefit from smaller and more regular meals throughout the day. If you dog is starting to suffer with his joints he will also benefit from feeding from a raised bowl.

When feeding a complete dry food also ensure that clean water is available at all times, day and night. Water is the most important nutrient and fluid loss of 10-15% can potentially be lethal.

With the correct good quality diet man’s best friend can continue to have a healthy happy life.

Article by Just For Friends,

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