Feeding Your Fussy Eating Cat

Diet is the bricks and mortar of health. This applies to cats as well as humans. Putting a little thought into what you feed your cat can pay big dividends with their improved health over their lifetime.

However, choosing which cat food is the most beneficial isn’t always easy.
Cats can be notoriously fussy eaters. They will have their own favourite flavours and can turn their nose up at something that doesn’t stimulate their taste buds. However, fussy eating is a habit that is formed over time and not something which they are born with.

Cats only have 473 taste buds compared to humans who have over 9000. The fragrance of the food is more important to your cat than the taste. The shape, temperature and texture of the foods is also important cats.

Establishing a feeding routine will help overcome bad eating habits. Although cats are natural grazers they will adapt to eating several small meals throughout the day.

The FourFriends Super Premium cat range features 8 different flavours so they will be something to entice your feline friend. As cats are meat eaters, FourFriends products have excellent palatability as all the flavours are natural and each range has a high meat content.

Even the pickiest cat will not resist FourFriends Adult Salmon. With chicken mixed in the recipe, this is designed for the most fussy feline.

With Aloe Vera added as standard in all the range your cat is guaranteed a SuperPremium diet at an affordable price.

Cats do not usually like an audience when they eat so aim to give them some peace & quiet when they are feeding. Make sure their bowl is cleaned after each use to protect them from bacteria.

When changing your cat’s food, introduce it gradually over a period of 7-10 days

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