Flatulence in Dogs

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Diet is the bricks and mortar of health. This applies to dogs as well as humans. Putting a little thought into what you feed your dog can pay big dividends with their improved health over their lifetime. However, choosing which dog food is the most beneficial isn’t always easy.

 Flatulence in dogs

Most cases of chronic flatulence are caused by a diet that is poorly digested by the dog.

These diets contain products such as soybeans, peas, beans and milk products and as they are not digestible they cause excessive fermentation in the colon. This produces gas which in turn causes flatulence. 

High diets, spicy foods and intolerances or sensitivities to wheat and corn as well as the incomplete digestion of carbohydrates can be a problem for dogs. 

FourFriends only use high quality basmati rice as a source of carbohydrate and all our range is completely gluten free. 

Feeding FourFrIends Premium pet foods will eliminate flatulence caused by giving your dog an unsuitable food. Our food is up to 95% digestible which also means that there is less waste matter to clean up !! 

With Aloe Vera included in all our recipes which promotes a good immune system and herbal extracts providing an excellent source of strong antioxidants, you can be sure you are feeding the best quality food for your dog. 

If your dog is being fed a SuperPremium diet and still suffering with excess gas, please consult a vet. 

Gas can build up when your dog swallows large amounts of air while gulping down his food. 

Dog that swallow air, especially those that eat rapidly are more likely to experience flatulence. Use a quality ‘slow feeding’ bowl so the dog takes in less air and eats more slowly. 

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