Four Friends Pet Foods launch purrfect food for cats.

We have launched our new grain-free cat food as this is a more natural and therefore appropriate food for carnivores.

Our new cat food offers the following 4 key benefits:

1. Same Price
Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge more for our grain-free products. Although the cost of production is usually higher for grain-free cat food, we believe that your cat's wellbeing is more important and therefore have kept costs the same as our standard products. We did not want price to be a deciding factor in the purchase of your cat's food.

2. It’s more Natural
Grain-free diets contain more of the ingredients that a cat would eat in the wild. Cats are biologically incapable of fully digesting grains such as corn, wheat and barley. This is because they don't have anywhere near as much of the enzyme called Amylase when compared to plant eating animals. Our grain-free products aid your cat's natural digestion.

3. Improves Wellbeing
In the majority of cats, a grain-free food diet can boost energy levels, improve skin health, give a better coat quality and improve the cat’s muscle tone. In addition to this, it can promote better milk due to the extra nutrients and protein offered.

4. Smaller Portions
As the natural diet for a cat is low in carbohydrates, a grain-free diet can provide the required amount of protein and other nutrients from a smaller serving.

Article by Just For Friends,