FourFriends Drago Wins Again

Gavin and his dog Drago after qualifying for the World Championship all breeds in April 2017 have done it again and this time they have won the British Rottweiler Sport Dog Club National Championships 2017.  

This prestigious event was held over the weekend of 17th and 18th June 2017 and attracted the top dogs within the country. 

The weekend was the hottest of the year so far and in the sweltering heat the trial began.On  Saturday all the dog struggled but Drago managed a score of 87 in 31.5 degrees at 12:30 in the afternoon,  taking the top tracking score of the day. 

Sunday was another really hot day and the heat managed to get up to 35.5 degrees on the competition field. Gavin and Drago were first on and managed to gain 90 points out of 100 in obedience and was by this time 7 points clear of the field. In the protection round Gavin and Drago managed a score of 88 out of 100 but unfortunately was piped at the post so came home with second best protection but overall won the event by a clear 5 points. 

Gavin and Drago came home not only winning this year’s event but had the best tracking and the best obedience rounds of the weekend.          

By Winning this event it qualifies Gavin and Drago to compete at the IFR 2017 World Championships held in Belgium over the weekend of 18th to the 20th August where around 40 dogs will be competing from all over Europe for the title of World Champion.     

Gavin, stated that with very hot weather all dogs and handlers were put through their paces under a very strict judge., by feeding a really good High Quality Food Drago had the energy to carry on in the heat which shows in his results.   

“We finished 1st with a score of 265 out of 300 which beats the score in April at the all breeds competition. This was our second biggest dog trial so we were very happy and look forward to competing in Belgium.”



Article by FourFriends Pet Food,