FourFriends Pet Foods Sponsors Winning GB Agility Team

In April 2018, FourFriends Pet Foods were the proud treat sponsor for Team GB representing the country at the IFCS World Dog Agility Championship in Milan, Italy.

Linda Evans of the Team GB reports on their adventures.

The 20 strong team are now back from Italy having had a very dramatic week finishing with 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medals.

From the day before they left, they experienced everything from a lightning strike on one competitors house, a 6 hour delay at Eurotunnel (it would have been quicker to swim), a breakdown in France requiring an RAC tow away, hotel and hire car service - which in turn required 2 vans to collect dogs and take them on to Milan. 

The homeward journey had 2 wild taxi journeys to collect the van, one going 54km to the wrong garage, followed by a BMW reversing into the newly fixed van - 20 mins after collection.  One female competitor was ousted from her night stop (in her PJ's) by armed police whilst her team mates were in the services shop!

Part of our party were unknowingly following a bus that had a suspected terrorist on board.  Add to that, an unplanned detour to Germany with 2 of our vans having to collect dogs from the poor competitor whose van broke down.

I think they all deserve medals for surviving!

We are all very grateful for your generosity and our dogs - without exception - absolutely loved the goodies. 

Above is Amber Edwards dog Cooper. A young dog at just 2.5 years old and he coped amazingly well for his first international competition. We didn't manage to win any medals but he was very close on a couple of runs and just had some near misses. He did come 10th on one of his runs which I am very happy about as he was against tough competition.

Glad to hear it Linda & Team GB are most welcome. We were very pleased for FourFriends to be involved in your adventure, albeit in a small way.

FourFriends treats are meat based, protein rich and are all hypoallergenic. Suitable for all your little champions.


Article by FourFriends Pet Food,