FourFriends Sensi High & Rottweiler Drago

How many of you claim to have a fussy eater when it comes to our beloved four legged friends?  This is a conversation piece at all of the exhibitions and daily to our sales desk.

One of our team, Jane, has an analogy for this.  She says ‘our dogs must simply not be hungry’ and that we as humans, cause our pets to be fussy eaters.

Imagine for one moment if a street dog was tootling along down the road and came across a pizza laying on the ground, he would eat it.  He wouldn't think to himself – Pizza? I had that yesterday, I will wait till I find something else!  Back to what she said earlier, if a dog is not hungry it won't want to eat (unless he is a Labrador of course).

Dogs, like people, have different appetites.  Take Drago the sporty Rottweiler for example…

As a young teen, Drago grew at a rate of knots and at one stage resembled a Black and Tan giraffe!  He got to a certain age and was struggling to gain and maintain a healthy weight.  His food intake was increased but as a result, so was the cleaning up of the garden!  It was decided that due to his lack of low appetite (yes, impossible to believe for a Rottweiler, the next best thing to a Hoover other than the faithful Lab!) he needed to be fed something of higher calorific value and the answer was FourFriends Sensi High. Like all the FourFriends range it is naturally hypoallergenic with a high meat content.  

Drago is now 3 and a half years old and training very hard to becoming a world champion in the sport he does.

So there it is, if you have a dog like Drago who is not always willing to gobble up his food, then maybe FourFriends Sensi High is the one to try.  

FourFriends Sensi Premium Quality High Calorie with Aloe Vera contains pure dried duck and turkey meat.  This recipe is perfect for the sensitive dog as it is soft and mild with a higher content of calories.  This food is designed for the more active dog with a higher metabolism.  With this formula, 77% of the protein content is derived from animal origin.

Should you wish to discuss your dog’s eating habits please call us on 01302 637377 we are more than happy to help.

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