FourFriends Sponsors IPO Champion

FourFriends Sponsors IPO Champion

Gavin Buck and dog Drago qualify for All Breeds Dog Sport World Championships

Sponsored by FourFriends Pet Food, champion Rottweiler Drago has been reared and fed on FourFriends SuperPremium complete dog food since 6 weeks old. Drago and his handler, Gavin Buck, have qualified for the IPO World Championships. They finished sixth in the All Breeds Dog Sport Nationals 2017, their first big dog trial, which was held in South Yorkshire in April 2017.

Gavin, who is a former Police dog handler in the North East, competed against 14 other handlers and their dogs to win a place in the World Championships which will be held in Belgium on 26 and 27 August 2017.

The prestigious event attracted stiff competition. Owners and their dogs, German Shepherds, Malinois, Dutch Herder and Rottweilers were put to the test in very hot weather. 

Gavin, who is based at Doncaster, said: “On Saturday morning dog teams arrived at the tracking ground at around 7.45am and I was on at 1.30pm. Drago did a fantastic job and was awarded 85 points out of 100 so the pressure of the first day was over.

 “On Sunday, the obedience trial went really well until the throw of the dumb bell over the 1 meter jump. This  cost us valuable points but we were still in the competition and only needed to complete the protection work for a qualifying score. Drago did an amazing job and the judge’s critique comments were really positive.

 “We finished sixth out of 15 dogs and handlers with a score of 244 out of 300. As this was our first prominent dog trial we were very happy.”

 He added: “As a former dog handler, this competition has given me the incentive to carry on training a dog within a high profile dog sport”.

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