Have You Ever Noticed How Dogs Act in Certain Weather?

When air pressure is high the weather will be tranquil. When the air pressure is low there is usually a storm brewing & the low barometric pressure has physical effects on the body.

This is more noticeable in dogs who are more sensitive to the drop in barometric pressure and the shift in the static electric field that comes prior to climate changes. 

A dog’s most heightened sense is his sense of smell. Dogs have approximately 200 million olfactory receptors (which detects any odours) in their noses – humans have 5 million.

Dogs can smell the effects of nearby rias before you can. When lightning strikes, even distantly, the air is ionised with ozone and dogs have the ability to pick up this smell.

However, dog owners with scent hounds as companion dogs, have noticed as barometric pressure drops, their dogs change the way they track. This observation shows that animals change how they follow a scent, to compensate for the changes in the way scents travel.

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