Helping The Arthritic Dog

FourFriends Can Help The Arthritic Dog

Dogs are prone to arthritis as well as humans and the most common age to start suffering is 8 - 9 years old. This is one of the most common health problems seen by veterinarians.

Diet is the bricks and mortar of health. This applies to dogs as well as humans. Putting a little thought into what you feed your dog can pay big dividends with their improved health over their lifetime. However, choosing which dog food is the most beneficial isn’t always easy.

Dogs and arthritis

One of the most recommended treatments for the arthritic dog is Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulphate, both of which are included as standard in all FourFriends Super Premium range along with Aloe Vera. There is no need to buy extra supplements to add to your dogs’ diet. 


Have you noticed your older dog seems to be slowing down? This is the most common symptom of arthritis & often the most ignored. People tend to associate the slowing down of their dog with general old age. Chances are your dog will be reluctant to get up in the morning when muscles and joints are usually at their stiffest. 

FourFriends Senior dog food is excellent for dogs that have a reduced need of energy. The formula keeps you senior dog alert and vital. It also contains salmon oil and fruit and herbal extracts which are a natural source of antioxidants. 

If you dog is suffering from arthritis of the hips or in the other joints in the hind side of its body, it will stand with its hind legs more close together than its usual stance. The dog will do this to shift its weight from its hind legs to it forelegs and will probably exhibit discomfort and stiffness. 

FourFriends Sensi Dog could also be beneficial as it contains fewer calories for the dog with less energy needs. 

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