Holiday With Your Dog

Summer is here – (not sure for how much longer) and more of us are taking holidays with our dogs. This can be a bit of a challenge & as dogs are becoming more like family & less of ‘just a dog, travel arrangements may need tweaking slightly to accommodate you beloved companion.

Keep your dog on a lead when opening the car door in a strange environment. Dogs can be lost or injured when they dart out of cars into unfamiliar or busy places. Make sure they are wearing an identity tag with up to date contact details.

Pack a spare collar and lead and a canine first aid kit to cover any eventualities when on the road. 

Seat covers are a good idea for the beach or muddy walks although a crate is recommended as the safest way for your pet to travel.

 Keep the essential dog gear to hand in the car. Water should be readily available and try to keep to a regular feeding schedule where possible. To avoid upsets with the change in water, keep bottled water handy just in case. Avoid giving your pooch a big meal before travelling any distance to keep him comfortable & prevent ‘urgent’ toilet breaks.

Regular breaks should be planned into the journey so he doesn’t get bored and he has the opportunity to have frequent drinks. It will also help the driver to stretch his legs regularly. 

Take your dog’s own bed or blanket so he has a familiar smell which will reassure him on the journey and pack his favourite toys. This will minimise any travel anxiety. 

To help with the journey, FourFriends can delivery your order directly to your holiday destination in the UK . 

One less thing to worry about ! 

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Happy holidays and remember we are here to help.



Article by FourFriends Pet Food,