How Does Clicker Training Work?

The clicker and its usefulness depends on the fact that animals learn by association. The sound of the click means nothing to start with, but when your dog notices that every click is followed by a small natural tasty FourFriends treat, he/she begins to pay close attention to that click. FourFriends Tuna or Chicken Twist Bite are excellent for this purpose. Remember to reduce the amount of food given at meal time to compensate for the treats used in training.

Your dog will soon think what was I doing when I heard it? Let’s try that again!

Technically, food is what’s called a “primary reinforcer,” primary meaning that living things don’t need to learn to like it – they need it, so liking it is built in.

A “reinforce” is any consequence that strengthens the behavior which produced it. Suppose you say your dog’s name, click when he looks at you, and then give him a high value FourFriends Tuna Stick Bite - the treat reinforces looking at you.

In human terms we can look at reinforcement to weight lifting: the more you practice the stronger your muscles get; the more you reinforce a behavior, the more likely that behavior gets. It's really easy if you keep it simple and use common sense. Just think of a dog's food as humans to money, if we work we get paid this is the exact science behind the clicker.  

So if you click when you ask your dog to sit at the time when his/her bum touches the floor and then give your dog a tasty FourFriends tuna stick bite treat for sitting, he/she is likely to sit again and again as long as he/she gets some chance of getting a treat for it.

This is what makes the clicker so special?

Should you wish to know more about clicker training please do not hesitate in contacting Gavin Buck here at FourFriends Pet Foods. We are happy to help in any way.

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