How to keep your pet warm this during winter

Our pets don't have the control we do when the temperature outside drops. For us its easy, put another log on the fire or simply turn the heating a notch higher. They rely on us to keep them warm during the colder winter months. So, how can we help protect them from mother nature?

Our dogs need to be exercised no matter how rubbish the weather is. If there is snow or ice on the ground watch out for ice balls forming around their pads. This can be extremely painful when walking, so consider trimming the hair between their pads to reduce this risk. Try not to let them walk in salt and grit as this can irritate their feet.

During these colder winter months cats and dogs can become even lazier than normal. So, try adjusting your dog's food intake accordingly or use FourFriends Weight Control or Sensi Low. These foods have a lower fat content and Kcals. Try feeding your cat slightly less than normal if they are less active. Above all make sure they don't help themselves to those Christmas treats such as chocolate and mince pies. They will not realise that these are harmful.

Generally, cats hate the cold and may well stay indoors more during winter. If they do roam outside, try and make sure they don't wander and take shelter in that warm engine bay of your car where they can easily get trapped. Try and make sure they have access to the warmer inside of the house.

You could always consider investing in a dog coat for those long winter walks. Especially if you have a short haired breed. These will feel the cold more. 

Above aal, enjoy the holidays and keep warm

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