Improved Nutrition Leads To Pets Living Longer

Improved nutrition and healthcare has led to dogs and cats living longer. This is supported by research from Euromonitor International.

Cats reach geriatric life stage at around 15 years but it is not unusual for them to live until their late teens whereas digs have a shorter life span. A dogs lifespan correlates with size – a Great Dane can be geriatric by age seven while the lifespan of a Chihuahua could be almost that as long as a cat. 

Despite the rising issue of pet obesity, advances in nutrition and veterinary care and the rising number of pets living indoors are among the factors that have contributed to an increase in the life expectancy of dogs and cats. 

The average life expectancy of dogs rose to a record high of 13.2 years during 2014. 

Dogs are omnivores and require 37 essential nutrients which are classified into 6 main nutrient groups. These are water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 

Owners who feed a premium quality complete food can be confident they are fulfilling the dog’s nutritional needs. 

Characteristics of a good pet food are: - 

Complete –    Provides adequate amounts of all the required nutrients

Balanced –     The nutrients are present in the correct proportions

Digestible –    Your dog or cat is able to digest the food and absorb the nutrients

Palatable –     Appealing enough to be eaten

Safe –             Free of toxins or anything which can harm your pet. 

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Article by Just For Friends,