Is Aloe Vera Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Back in the late 18th century Aloe Vera was successfully used to combat a number of Horse ailments and became widely known as Horse Aloe.  In 1840 two blacksmiths, George Skevington and F.D. Day published their positive findings.

In 1950, a report was featured in a veterinary medical magazine. This report was made by a team of researchers who documented the positive antibacterial effects of the healing plant in relation to animal healing.

After a study of over a period of six years, Dr Northway had investigated the effects of orally ingested Aloe Vera. 42 dogs, 25 cats and 4 horses were used in this study and the plants anti-inflammatory characteristics worked on acute, chronic and bacterial infections. The aloe halted the spreading of most yeast fungi ailments such as Candida and the bacterial staphylococcus, streptococcus and corynebacterium. In 67 out of 71 cases, Dr Northway`s positive results were as good as or even better than those of the classical therapy.

This is one of the reasons why we add Aloe Vera to all our range of Dog and Cat Foods. Adding Aloe Vera to a pet food is perfectly safe and can ease a lot of problems within domesticated animals. We have noticed that more and more owners are trying to maintain good standard of health within their animals, this also includes their medical care and supply of correct nutrients for correct nutritional diets.

A lot of major health problems are caused by over feeding and feeding foods without the correct nutrients. This leads to obesity, energy loss, skin problems and problems with the musculoskeletal system.

All our premium quality cat and dog foods use Aloe Vera within the composition because it eases a lot of the problems with domestic animals, the plant Aloe Vera is not a universal remedy but it does supply the correct amount of micro nutrients which in turn is an important task in prophylaxis, after treatment and illnesses.

Aloe Vera also helps the immune system and helps prevent illness, the gastrointestinal tract is especially strengthened which also has a positive effect on the overall condition of the animal. By using Aloe Vera within the food we have seen considerable success in the easing of ailments such as, constipation, metabolic problems, allergies and joint pain.

The use of Aloe Vera also helps protect against the environmental influences along with helping the animal’s fur and skin thus making the skin and coat look healthy.

Aloe Vera in its extracted form is therefore perfectly safe to be eaten as part of a natural healthy diet for both cats and dogs. All our foods are naturally hypo allergenic making them suitable for the majority of our pets.

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