Is Milk Good For Cats?

You have probably seen the cartoon Tom & Jerry? Especially the images of Tom lapping a bowl of milk, but did you know that milk is not a natural part of an adult cat’s diet. In many cases milk isn’t good for them.

While cats may like the taste of milk it doesn’t always like them. Just like humans and dogs, cats can be lactose intolerant. The sugar found in milk is called lactose. To digest lactose the body needs to produce enough quantities of an enzyme called lactase. The undigested sugars in the intestines can cause havoc. Diarrhea, stomach cramps and flatulence are common problems.

Both kitten’s and puppy’s lactase levels drop as soon as they are weaned. If they lived in the wild this wouldn’t be a problem because adult animals would have no reason to drink milk. Domesticated animals only drink milk because we humans offer it to them.

Kittens should never be offered cow’s milk. This lacks many essential nutrients, proteins and antibodies required by a growing kitten. Kittens are best suited to their mothers’ milk. Should this not be possible then a kitten milk replacement should be used.

Cow’s milk should never be your cat’s primary food source because it lacks essential nutrients. Should your cat be lactose intolerant but enjoys milk then fear not. There are several options you can try:

  • Plain probiotic yogurt usually contains less lactose.
  • Lactose free milk is often good substitute.

Remember that milk should only ever be used as a treat. It should never be more than 5-10% of a cat’s regular diet.

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We are always here to help. Feel free in giving our team a call if you are still not sure.

Article by Just For Friends,