Measuring Pet Food Correctly

Obesity in dogs continues to increase. Consistent mismeasurement of food can lead to weight gains or even undernourishment.

During a study that was published in the USA journal Veterinary Record researches found inaccurate measurements of kibble.

One hundred dog owners were asked to use one of the three most common methods used to measure kibble.

  • A standard two scoop with graduated markings.
  • A two-cup liquid measuring cup typically used for baking.
  • A one cup pet food dry kibble measuring cup.

Each study participant was then asked to measure out three amounts of dry dog food — ¼ cup, ½ cup and 1 cup — using their assigned measuring cup or scoop. The volume of kibble measured by each dog owner was weighed on an electronic scale and compared to the correct weight.

The results revealed substantial inaccuracies in kibble measurements, ranging from 48 percent too little to 152 percent too much dog food. However, inaccuracy varied with the measuring tool used and the amount being measured. Dog owners using the 2-cup liquid measuring cup were most likely to inaccurately measure all three portions. Study participants were most accurate when they used a 1-cup dry-ingredient measuring cup to serve 1 cup of kibble.

A measuring cup is the most obvious way to increase accuracy when measuring. Should you require a FourFriends measuring cup then please ask.

The most accurate method is to use a kitchen scale to weigh the amount of kibble you’re feeding your pet. The weight of 1 cup of food will most likely vary from one food to the next.

When measuring kibble, we need to  be consistant with measurement techniques each time. Always shake or tap the measuring cup gently, leveling the amount of kibble.

Another approach for improving accuracy is to  decrease the number of times the kibble is measured during the day. Simply measure out the full amount of food your dog or cat needs for the day and place it in a storage container or plastic food storage bag. Then, when it comes time to feed your pet you can roughly divide the food for each meal. If you feed two meals daily, then split the daily amount roughly in half. If you prefer to feed three meals daily, then split the daily amount into thirds.

Feeding the correct amount of food is as important as choosing the correct food. A pet’s nutrient requirements aren’t just met by the nutrient levels in a food. The amount of food offered and eaten, including treats, help satisfy a pet’s nutritional needs. If you have questions about what and how much to feed your pet, please get in touch.

We are here to help.

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