Meet Pooh the Bionic Cat

When Pooh was just one year old , he was run over by a car and lost both of his back paws.

Normally, cats who live through such traumatic accidents move around on modified carts or wheels to help them get around. However, Pooh was fortunate. He was referred to a veterinary surgeon in Bulgaria who has able to give Pooh new limbs.

After Pooh was found in the town of Pleven, veterinary surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov offered to operate and perform a rare surgery. Mimicking a procedure first performed in 2009, Zlatinov drilled into both of Pooh's ankle bones ti implant a titanium peg. The pegs use a special coating called hydroxyapatite, which helps coax the bone and skin to grow over the metal. From there, Pooh was fitted with prostheses that mimic natural paws.

The surgery was deemed a success. Barring the odd stumble Pooh can now run, walk and jump as normal.

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Article by FourFriends Pet Food,