Myths Surrounding Pet Food

There are a lot of myths surrounding dog food, some are actually spread by commercial pet food manufacturers. Here we try and establish fact from fiction.

Prescription food is the only option

High priced prescription dog or cat food diets recommended by vets are not always necessary. While these products aim to provide tailored nutrition for your dog or cats specific health condition, this tailoring can also be found in many non-prescription foods which are much more cost effective. Our article on prescription diets has more information. It can be found here 

Grain free means carbohydrate free

All grains are carbohydrates, but not all carbohydrates are grains. Non-grain foods like fruits and vegetables are all sources of carbohydrates that are frequently included in commercial pet foods. There is no commercial dog food brand that will have 0% carbohydrates in it.The digestibility of grains is also important. Our article on this can be found here 

Complete and balanced diets are suitable for every dog or cat

Pet foods with these labels are nutritionally balanced only for their target market, not every cat or dog. This means that kitten or puppy food is balanced specifically for complete kitten & puppy nutrition and as such no kitten or puppy brands can meet the needs of senior cats & dogs.

Any bones are beneficial for dogs

Some bones can be very beneficial to dogs. However, cooked bones are not and never will be more beneficial than they are detrimental. Cooked bones easily break down, fragment and can cause tears in the oesophagus, stomach or intestines and may even cause choking.

We alwys recommend feeding a high meat based food suitable to your pets lifestyle. The team at FourFriends are here to help. 

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