One in Four Dog Owners Don't Clean Up After Their Dog

Around one in four of dog walkers confess they don't pick up their pets faeces,

This is according to Animal Friends 

The average fine in Britain, for not cleaning up after your dogs excreting in a public place is currently £262. However, one in ten of the owners, thats around 850,000 people are at risk of a hefty new fine that is being rolled out across the nation. 

A new law being launched in Kent, means that dog walkers caught without a supply of more than two poo bags, face an on-the-spot fine of £80 rising as high as £1,000 if they refuse to pay up.

Given that the average dog may have a bowel movement three times daily, that's around 25.5 million messes across the nation each day. 

The poll showed that the new rules are welcomed by over half (57 percent) of people, with one in five walking in faeces at least once in the last year. 

An example of how widespread the problem is - Ribble Valley Borough Council says it receives over 200 complaints about dog-fouling and spends £30,000 disposing of it each year, while there were 1,398 complaints to Sheffield Council about dog mess in 2016-2017. 

Westley Pearson of  Animal Friends said: One of the major responsibilities of owning a pet is cleaning up after them. Dog dirt can be a health hazard if it's not disposed of correctly, as it can lead to toxocariasis in humans. 

Toxocariasis is an infection transmitted from animals to humans caused by the parasitic roundworms commonly found in the intestine of dogs and cats.

Anyone can become infected with Toxocara. Young children and owners of dogs or cats have a higher chance of becoming infected. 

Dogs and cats that are infected with Toxocara can shed eggs in their faeces. Anyone, although more usually children can become infected by accidentally swallowing dirt that has been contaminated with dog or cat faeces that contain infectious Toxocara eggs. 

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