Premium & Balanced Foods Explained

Hi Readers – Bella here to give a bit of an explanation about food descriptions!!

‘Complete’ & ‘Balanced’ foods are right for every dog

These foods are only intended for their target market so you shouldn’t do not feed a balanced puppy food to a senior dog. A good quality complete food will meet all the needs of your dog so you will not need any ‘extras’ or supplements.  Don’t get confused, the dog doesn’t need to be balanced – just the food.

Premium dog food contains the same ingredients as standard dog food

Premium food is not just a standard dog food with a higher price. There is a vast difference in the quality of ingredients, such as organic or human grade

Why do we have Feeding Instructions?

Feeding instructions are necessary so we are not overfed. However, the details on the bag are a guideline only. These are based on an average dogs weight and its stage of life. Other factures will influence how much your dog needs, us lively monkeys who never stop chasing around will need more food to keep us going. The ‘loungers’ amongst us (Henry Otterhound that’s you….) don’t need as much.

I don’t think we need to read the bags – that’s for the humans to do….

Now you have a few facts you can get your humans to make a more informed choice about what is really best for us.


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