Supporting Kate Nicholas and Her Dogs Gin, Ice and Dare

Kate Nicholas is a professional dog trainer, author, television star and head trainer at Fort k9 Dog Training.

An internationally renowned dog trainer in her own right with 15 years of experience in competitive dog sports reaching top level in Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Canine Freestyle/ Heelwork to Music and Cani-cross with her own dogs. Kate takes pride in having multi-talented dogs that can hold their own in any sport.

Kate is experienced in behaviour adjustment training of pet and working dogs as well as developing and mentoring handlers in canine sport through master classes and seminars. Kate has trained dogs for media work and is experienced in supervising dogs on TV/film sets after becoming a household name on Britain’s Got Talent 2008.


Kate is a Veteran Soldier of the Royal Army Veterinary Corp. Having had been appointed as a dog trainer at the Defence Animal Centre during her service, Kate specialised  in working on the Young Military Working Dog Development project. Training and passing out Ministry of Defence Police dogs and Protection dogs. Serving as part of the 1st Military Working Dog Regiment in Germany, Kate was deployed to Afghanistan as an operational dog handler.kate--nicholas-royal-army-veterinary-corp.png

As a successful dog trainer, Kate is committed to continuously furthering her knowledge of the latest advancements in dog training and behaviour and has attended seminars and workshops by some of the top British and International training experts. To ensure her clients and their dogs receive first-rate, modern dog training that really works.


Kate’s Current Dogs (From Left to Right)


Gin (Kennel Club name /  Fun and Frolics)

Breed/ Working Sheepdog

DOB/ January 2001


Britain’s Got Talent 2008 finalist and 10,168,773 views on youtube. Long list of live performances and tv show work.

Jade Award Flyball Dog. Racing from 07/02/2004 – 27/10/2012

British Flyball Champion 2007

Advanced Canine Freestyle dog


Photo taken July 2016 showing that Gin still enjoys flyball as a past time even if she has slowed down.

Dare ( Kennel Club name/ Dare to Dream)

Breed/ Belgium Shepherd Malinois

DOB/ 27/07/2015

Achievements: Has recently made her debut into the dog sport world. Winning her fair share of canicross races and gaining her first grade 3 agility win and coming 2nd in her debut starters flyball competition.

Currently training in: Flyball, Canicross, Agility, Obedience , IPO, Dock Diving, Scooter, Tri dog and trick training.


Ice ( Kennel Club name / Beverton Ice)

Breed/ Border Collie

DOB/ 27/07/2008


CDEX Working Trials


Advanced Canine Freestyle        

Advanced Heelwork to music

Grade 7 Agility dog

Silver Award Flyball Dog / European Flyball Championships 2016 Division 13 Runner up

Class C only Obedience dog

International T.V star

Canicross dog

Herding sheep.

The new girl on the block


Born: 27/05/17

Breed/ Euro Hound

Currently training in sleeping, eating and growing.

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