The Click Is Consistent and Precise

When using the clicker, the sounds is always the same when you press it unlike a yes word or good word. The use of a word will be different every time you say it, think about it as when you are happy and then think about when you are sad? the difference in tones with your voice and the change in your body language will be a huge give away to your dog on how you are feeling that day or that training session.

Your dog will learn better when the information presented is consistent and precise, this is especially true if we were dogs and read humans body language.

Finally, the click is short and precise. Put a little practice into your timing and you can click the instant your dog starts to turn his/her head at the sound of her name--not the second before, and not the second later. That matters because dogs move fast. With a well-timed click, you can manage the exact behavior you want to reinforce.

Saying “Good dog” takes forever by comparison and is used in every day speech to your dog when in the house or on a walk, as the click is instant and is consistent.


Using high quality natuaral food and treats will make for a happier pe and aid in your training practices.

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Article by Just For Friends,

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