The Click Zeroes in on the Behaviour You Want to Train

This is how we start to train with the clicker, suppose you’re teaching you're K9 Friend to leave temptations alone. You might start by standing lightly on a dry dog biscuit and letting your dog paw and nose at your foot. Eventually there comes a moment when he/she will become frustrated because he wants the biscuit but can’t get it, he/she will then eventually back off a couple of millimeters from your foot.

The first time a dog does this, he backs off super briefly. Using your clicker, you can click and mark that behavior to move away from your foot and then give him/her a tasty FourFriends Treat or you can use FourFriends dog food for that day a piece at a time as this will also reinforce the behavior if they know they have to do something for it, remember a dog’s food is like money to them and they will start to work even harder if they have to earn it instead of placing it down on the floor. This will also create a bond between you and your dog.  

They will soon know exactly why that reinforcing that behavior with a tasty FourFriends Treat of the FourFriends Dog Food is being delivered to his waiting mouth. With a little practice you can time that click much better than you could ever time a “Good dog” or even a short word like yes. I’ve found that with most dogs, by the time we’ve done a dozen reps I can’t even get them to look at my foot and this is the first steps to a leave it.

Clickers Make Training Easier

With a little practice and the clicker will help you communicate clearly and precisely, and can easily teach your dog everything we need them to know an remember it’s all fun so be calm and enjoy it.

You should never underestimate how much fun it is to work with a dog who’s eager to learn as they will start offering behavior like a sit a down or a bark, remember if this happens just ignore it or say no, as soon as you give a command and they do it Click and reward with their food, if your already feeding one of the naturally hypoallergenic FourFriends foods your dog with know how much they love it and will work for their treat or reward of complete FourFriends pet food with Aloe Vera.

Remember DOG TRAINERS always say `doing is learning` I say always work with your dog but maybe I mean play and enjoy the time, if you take the time to enjoy your training so will your dog.

Many experienced clicker trainers believe that their dogs learn to experiment creatively in training sessions, trying to figure out what new behavior will earn a click and a treat. Skilled trainers are able to teach their dogs complicated dance routines and super-precise maneuvers in dog sports.

Should you have any questions relating to clicker training or any aspect of the FourFriends Pet Food range please do not hesitate in contacting any member of our team.

Article by Just For Friends,

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