The Fussy Eater

When we speak to our customers, the most common complaint about their dog is that they are ‘fussy eaters’.

Canine fussy eaters are not born, they are made by humans. Dogs can quite happily eat the same food day after day after day. It is a human conception that food needs to be varied to avoid being boring.

If you have established that your dog is in good health, the most obvious reason for them not eating is that they are NOT HUNGRY ! Your dog will not starve if he misses a meal or two, in fact, it is in their nature not to allow themselves to starve. They have a true survival instinct.

Feeding the same food every day is actually better for your dog as you can ensure they are getting the correct amount of calories and nutrients. Swopping and changing food could have a detrimental effect on their digestive system. 

Choose a good quality premium complete food that has a reputation for being palatable and you dog will love it every day. 

FourFriends Super premium complete food contains unique a balance of vitamins and minerals for normal growth and development and is the only food in the UK to contain Aloe Vera as standard in all the ranges. Your dog will have a head start on the way to good health and digestion. 

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Article by FourFriends Pet Food,

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