The Natural Healthy Nutrients Used in FourFriends Dog Foods

FourFriends is a different kind of dog food. The idea behind FourFriends is to keep your dog healthy, happy, strong and glowing  - both inside and out. The achieve optimum health it is really important to provide the body with adequate amounts of nutrients that the dog needs.

FourFriends is made of pure ingredients without any added cheap or unnecessary components. It also tastes great. Aloe Vera is added as standard in ALL ranges at a ratio of 1.5g / kg– because we love dogs.

All our foods are gluten free as many dogs have intolerance to vegetable protein, or gluten as it is known. Derma Coat and Sensi Cat is grain free, only potato is used as a source of carbohydrates. Additional grain free recipes are currently be tested in Sweden and will be available later in the year.

FourFriends DOES add the following nutrients into its ranges –

Salmon Oil – contributes towards essential omega fatty acids. Particularly goods for puppies as omega fatty acids are important for the brain, sight and central nervous system.

Due to its unique constitution, together with chicken fat, it gives an outstanding source of energy and also keeps the coat soft and shiny.

Glucosamin and Chondroitin – added to the composition for all ranges it is particularly effective in Junior Large Breed to help with growing joints and Senior dogs.

Dried Apples – used as a fibre source which is very gentle on the intestines, rather than the more commonly used beet pulp.

Fruit and Herbal Extracts - from grapes, rosemary, turmeric, citrus fruit and cloves. These are natural sources of strong antioxidants.

Mannan-oligosackarides & Fruckto-oligosackarides – act as a prebiotic to maintain the dogs’ intestinal flora. Prebiotics beneficially nourish the good bacteria already present in the bowel or colon and contribute to the well-being of the dog.

Yucca Schidigera Extract – this contains good quantities of magnesium, manganese and selenium, along with vitamin A, B complex vitamins and Vitamin C.

Brewers Yeast – is a source of chromium which naturally helps the body maintain its normal blood sugar levels.

We are often asked why there are sometimes slight colour changes in our kibbles. The answer is very simple. There are no artificial preservatives in natural FourFriends Premium dog and cat foods. All the ingredients we use are natural and healthy because we love all cats and dogs.

Article by Just For Friends,

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