The Quality of Protein is More Important Than Quantity

Diet is the bricks and mortar of health. This applies to our canine and feline friends as well as humans. Putting a little thought into what you feed your cat and dog can pay big dividends with their improved health over their lifetime.

Protein is an important part of every cell in your pet’s body and is essential for healthy growth and repair. Skin and muscle tissue both contain large amounts of protein and in dog’s it is also an important energy source.

Up to 87% of the total amount of protein in natural hypoallergenic FourFriends Super Premium Dog Food comes from animal origin. In our high meat based Super Premium Cat Food up to 92% of the protein comes from animal origin. We only use naturally dried premium quality chicken, salmon, lamb, duck and turkey, and in some recipes a combination of them.

Our pets have evolved to consume relatively high quantities of meat in their diet and they have naturally adapted to easily digest and utilise the nutrients the meat contains.

Animal protein is the most natural and digestible protein source and this is why good animal nutritionists always put so much emphasis on the meat content of the food.

Unfortunately, meat is an expensive ingredient therefore many lower grade dog food manufacturers cut costs by substituting meat with cheaper protein sources such as soya meal, maize gluten and vegetable protein.

Protein from non-meat sources are harder for the animal’s body to digest and have a higher chance of causing food intolerances.

Remember, it is not the amount of protein which is specifically important, but where the protein comes from!

Quality is much more important than quantity. Generally, the higher the quality the less food is required to maintain a healthy life.

If you don’t understand the composition of you pets food, we are always happy to help. Please feel free in contacting us either by telephone or email.

Article by Just For Friends,

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