Three Amazing Cat Facts

Cats are enigmatic. Independent, aloof & entertaining. In addition to their on-of-a-kind personalities, they also have some exceptional physical features and roles to play in society.

Cats can use their mouths to smell

Cats will take a big sniff then pull their mouth back in what looks like a sneer. This is called the ‘flehmen response’. Cats have a special organ called the vomeronasal organ between the hard palate and the nasal spectrum which is used to analyse pheromones. This is an important means of communication in the feline world.


 Cats are well adapted to hot environments

Evolved from desert-dwelling creatures, cats have extremely efficient kidneys that can concentrate urine to a very high degree, meaning they can survive longer than other mammals with less water and without becoming dehydrated.

 You can’t beat a cat’s night vision

One of their most unique features is their slit pupil which allows the pupil to contract more quickly than those of dog’s or humans. This means they adjust more quickly to changes in ambient light. Their other features to ensure they see well at night include more rods in the back of their retina as well as a ‘tapetum lucidum’ which is a reflective layer of tissue that gives their eyes that eerie green glow.

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