Three Tips on Top Canine Health

Keep your Dog Hydrated

An average dog will drink ½ to 1 fluid ounce of water per 1/2 kg of body weight per day. This will fluctuate due to exercise, hot weather, feeding dry dog food etc. If you notice that your dog is drinking more or less than normal, be vigilant as this can be a sign of medical conditions such as diabetes.

Keep the dog’ s water in the same place so they know where it is available & buy a bowl that is bigger than your dog’s needs and heavy enough that it can’t be knocked over.

Wash the bowl regularly to avoid the build up of bacteria.

Clean Teeth – Fresh Breath

Dogs can suffer from the same dental problems as humans. Periodontal disease caused by a build up of plaque & gum disease are the most common reasons for bad breath in dogs.

Try to get into a regular routine of brushing your dog’s teeth early in their lives.

There are many toothbrushes & toothpastes designed for pets (do not use the human variety).

Let them lick the toothpaste from your fingers first so they get used to the taste.

Abolish Fleas

If you discover fleas on your dog there is likely to be flea eggs & larvae in your carpets, cushions & throws.

Tackle the problem by –

  • Vacuuming everywhere
  • Invest in a flea killing spray or powder. Use along skirting boards and surfaces
  • Washing your dogs bedding & covers at least once a week on a hot wash
  • Apply a topical treatment – there are many on the market but read the labels carefully.
  • Try flea shampoos to get rid of fleas already on the dog. Be cautious around the dog’s ears, eyes & mouth
  • Visit a vet if the problem persists. It can take from a week to 6 months to be completely rid of an infestation

Article by Just For Friends,

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