Water is Water?

Is all water created equal? You may think that is the case. But to a dog or cat this is not necessarily true, at least taste wise.

There are bottled waters from far flung places, treated water from our taps and untreated water from puddles and ponds. All these have their own taste, with some more palatable than others.

Most dogs will not drink water that is unfamiliar to them. So, during the warmer summer days keep your dog hydrated with water that is familiar to them.

In terms of taste at least not all water is equal to your dog.

Working dogs will always drink more water than the household dog. This will be more so on a warm or hot summers day. Whether your dog is lounging on the sofa or partaking in activities it will have increased water loss on warm summer days through panting. Panting causes an increased loss of water through exhaled air which in turn increases their need to drink more water.

Can dogs drink too much water? For the average dog drinking large amounts of water isn’t a problem. Some dogs drink large amounts because of health conditions, such as diabetes, kidney problems or adrenal gland abnormalities.

Whatever your dogs’ activities this summer keep them hydrated by ensuring there is plenty of palatable water available.

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Article by FourFriends Pet Food,