What is the best dog breed for you?

Well this is the 64,000 dollar question !! Everyone has an opinion about which is he ‘best’ breed and personally I think everyone should own a hound like me.

On a serious note, if humans did a bit of research into what suits their family before getting a dog there may not be so many ending up in rescue. And pleeeease never buy us for a Christmas present.

Forget the cute little face for a moment & concentrate on the dog’s needs & characteristics & potential size. Some working dogs like collies appreciate their own space while a fun-loving breed such as a Dalmatian prefer a lively household. Gundogs tend to be sociable and like to obey but terriers are lively and tenacious. 

Some breeds are more responsive to training than others. Labradors are instinctively compliant & poodles learn things very quickly.

All dogs need exercise and daily interaction with their owners, and most do not like being left alone for long periods. A dog that is bored, stressed or frustrated can become very destructive. Working breeds, including the German shepherd and golden retriever, need plenty of exercise, and even toy breeds need daily walks – it is not enough to simply take them out in your handbag.

I won’t mention scent hounds at this point as we can only be described as ‘freestyle but worth the effort’. To know us is to love us - as long as you are not houseproud as we spread love & mud wherever we go.  

Remember, we are always here to help. Either with advice on breeds or the best foods to feed your new hound.

 Have fun choosing your dog & send me some pictures of your furry friends.

Bella      bellas-paw.jpeg

Article by Just For Friends,