Who Has a Naughty Puppy?

Bella here giving much needed help with your naughty puppies.

Well, we have all been one, even if we can’t remember much of the chaos we cause in our early months.

Puppies are so cute they are allowed to get away with absolutely anything !! Testing boundaries and getting into mischief is all in a day’s work for us. Cute puppy behaviours such as play biting or ‘see if you can catch me’ may be tolerated and rewarded at first, but as we grow up the same behaviour isn’t acceptable.

Play helps puppies and owners bond, but it should really be the human who sets the rules. A good way to do this is by controlling playtime tugging & teaching your pup to let go of the toy when asked. You should be the one to end the game.            

 A good way to tire out a puppy is to teach him some obedience exercises or tricks or take him to obedience classes. Don’t try & over walk him to tire him out as this will damage his joints.

All dogs need a range of nutrients to live a healthy life. FourFriends include high quality products such as apples as a source of fibre instead of beet pulp. Apples are more gentle on the intestines and are also a good source of antioxidants. 

Whichever food you choose to feed your puppy, the first ingredient listed on the bag will always be of the largest quantity. For example, if cereals are the first ingredient, this will be the most prominent component  in the food.  Also watch for ‘split grains’ as some companies use several grain sources in relatively small amounts, which when added together become the main ingredient. For example, maize flour, maize gluten and maize meal can be listed separately so each ingredient will seem insignificant, but added together they could be the largest percentage part of the food.

Remember 2 things - we only do what we can get away with & at some point we grow out of puppyhood and became sensible members of society. So hang in there……… we are worth it.


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Article by FourFriends Pet Food,