Why Do Dogs Eat Poo?

A question we are frequently asked is ‘why do dogs consume faeces’.

There has been a variety of behavioural theories put forward as to why dogs engage in auto-coprophagia. This is when an animal eats its own faeces.Probably the most common misconception is that faeces eating is a sign that something is missing from the diet. Many owners feed their dogs only once per day. Dogs naturally want to have multiple meals throughout the day, hence they use ‘coprophagia’ to supplement their feeding schedule and fulfil this need.

A few simple changes will ensure the reduction in coprophagia:

  • By feeding your dog a natural dog food which is highly digestible in small amounts means that less material reaches the lower bowel. Try feeding three or four small meals per day rather than two larger meals.
  • Ensure your dog is receiving a highly digestible diet such as FourFriends Super Premium foods.
  • Do not over feed. This reduces the efficiency of digestion.
  • Ensure there is little variety in the diet and avoid giving treats until the problem has been resolved.

All FourFriends Premium quality dog foods are more than 90% digestible. FourFriends will help reduce the workload of the digestive system so that the digestive process is more efficient. Always ensure the amount of food given does not exceed the amount required by the dog. 

The advantage of a healthy dog food fed in small amounts, means that more food is digested so has no need to reach the lower bowel area, which ensures there is less waste matter to clean up. 

For most dogs who engage in eating faeces, any of the FourFriends quality dog food varieties will be suitable. Some owners of greedy dogs have reported that FourFriends Weight Control has been successful in reducing coprophagia.  

Our team of advisors are here to help you find the most suitable food for your dog.

Article by Just For Friends,

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