You are back at work. What does your pet do now?

As furlough comes to an end in the UK what happens with your pet as we go back to work?

How many of us have recently become pet parents this year?  Your pets may find it difficult to adjust as more of us return to work. They do not know why we have potentially spent months at home. Chances are they have loved having human company during the day and it may be hard for them to adjust.

Some pets may easily go back to their normal routine. Others could well develop separation anxiety symptoms. Helping your dog gradually spend more time on their own with plenty of things to occupy them will help.

Try a gradual transition by leaving them alone for between 30 and 60 minutes while you pop out of the house. If this goes well then try and increase that time spam to a few hours. Allowing your dog to slowly get used to spending a small amount of time on their own could help prevent any trauma from a sudden separation.

One must for any dog is mental stimulation. You could fill a treat dispensing toy or puzzle with your dog’s favourite FourFriends dog food or treats. These will help keep your dog entertained while you are out of the house. You should remember to count any dog food or treats into your pet’s nutritional allowance.

The main reason why dogs are destructive when left alone is because they are bored. Try and cast your mind back to April 2020. How did you feel when you were stuck in the house all day? There is always something to be done for the first few days but after that did you just become bored? Your dog feels the same way..

If they enjoy chewing. Then try keeping them entertained while you are at work with a variety of chew toys.

Try and burn some of your dog’s energy off before you go out to work.  Set aside 30 to 60 minutes each morning to play a game of fetch in the garden or go for a brisk walk. Allowing them to release their energy is a good way to ensure that they will be too tired to get into trouble while you are gone.

If funds allow. Why not consider hiring a dog walker? Someone to call in during the day and take them for a walk will help break that boredom during the day. This could be money well spent if you have a puppy or a very active dog.

If all else fails and you notice signs of anxiety or stress in your dog, you may need to consider taking a more drastic approach. Trying a pet camera could help you keep tabs on your pet when you are at work. There are many different types of pet cameras on the market. Some offer treat-dispensing capabilities, two-way audio that allows you to talk to your dog and notifications can be sent to your mobile phone if your dog barks when you are not at home.

If you think it is a mild case of anxiety, try crating your pet for a few hours while you are away may solve the problem. If it is a severe case, try consulting a dog behaviorist or even your veterinarian.

Whatever you do, be patient and understanding. Your dog needs time to adjust to this new routine, and some dogs adjust faster than others. With a little time, your dog will get used to your new schedule.

We are always on hand to answer your dog food and treat questions. Dog food for healthy dogs is our specialty.

Article by FourFriends Pet Food,