We Only Use Sustainable Packaging

Have you ever thought about how sustainable the packaging is when you buy food for your dog?

We routinely buy what we consider to be a good quality natural products when choosing food for our pets but the majority of packaging is actually unsustainable. 

This is essentially the general packaging that goes straight into our dustbins never to be seen again other than in the form of a landfill site. 


In relation to pet food, the ‘bad’ packaging is the plastic tray that wet food is transported & sold on, particularly if it is a hard plastic case and the cellophane shrink wrapping that hold the products together. 

Most so-called luxury pet foods are guilty of excessive unsustainable packaging as the more flamboyant the packaging is, the more manufacturers seem to charge. 

The difference is FourFriends moist dog food which is sold in a sausage shape without the need for useless plastic trays and wrapping.


The packaging is 100% sustainable whereby it is fully biodegradable i.e. it is capable of decomposing fully therefore avoiding any ocean pollution and landfill. That is why we are supporting the Sky News campaign in removing plastic from our oceans. Help prevent this by changing your shopping habbits.

As an added benefit, the food contains up to 93% quality meat at a price that won’t break the bank.

Check out our website for product details and how to order. Lets stop those plastic trays washing up on our beaches.

Article by Just For Friends,

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