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The Click Is Consistent and Precise

When using the clicker, the sounds is always the same when you press it unlike a yes word or good word. The use of a word will be different every time you say it, think about it as when you are happy and then think about when you are sad? the difference in tones with your voice and the change in your body language will be a huge give away to your dog on how you are feeling that day or that training session.

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The Click Zeroes in on the Behaviour You Want to Train

This is how we start to train with the clicker, suppose you’re teaching you're K9 Friend to leave temptations alone. You might start by standing lightly on a dry dog biscuit and letting your dog paw and nose at your foot. Eventually there comes a moment when he/she will become frustrated because he wants the biscuit but can’t get it, he/she will then eventually back off a couple of millimeters from your foot.

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How Does Clicker Training Work?

The clicker and its usefulness depends on the fact that animals learn by association. The sound of the click means nothing to start with, but when your dog notices that every click is followed by a small natural tasty FourFriends treat, he/she begins to pay close attention to that click. FourFriends Tuna or Chicken Twist Bite are excellent for this purpose. Remember to reduce the amount of food given at meal time to compensate for the treats used in training.

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Clicker Training Made Easy With Our Own Expert

In these article we look at Clinker Training. Our very own clicker expert Gavin Buck is an ex Police Dog handler and now part of the FourFriends team.

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The Natural Healthy Nutrients Used in FourFriends Dog Foods

FourFriends is a different kind of dog food. The idea behind FourFriends is to keep your dog healthy, happy, strong and glowing  - both inside and out. The achieve optimum health it is really important to provide the body with adequate amounts of nutrients that the dog needs.

FourFriends is made of pure ingredients without any added cheap or unnecessary components. It also tastes great. Aloe Vera is added as standard in ALL ranges at a ratio of 1.5g / kg– because we love dogs.

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Feeding A Healthy Diet is Bricks and Mortar of Health

Feeding your cat a healthy diet is the bricks and mortar of health. This applies to cats as well as humans. Putting a little thought into what you feed your cat can pay big dividends with their improved health over their lifetime.

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FourFriends Sensi High & Rottweiler Drago

How many of you claim to have a fussy eater when it comes to our beloved four legged friends?  This is a conversation piece at all of the exhibitions and daily to our sales desk.

One of our team, Jane, has an analogy for this.  She says ‘our dogs must simply not be hungry’ and that we as humans, cause our pets to be fussy eaters.

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Aloe Vera For Dogs & Cats & the Digestive System

The Digestive system, also known as the alimentary canal or gut can be sensitive in animals due to gastric inflammation. This can be caused by poor diet, eating foreign bodies or as a reaction to prescription drugs.

Feeding your dog a healthy diet such as FourFriends which is a premium naturally hypo-allergenic food, and is suitable for cats and dogs with these conditions.  The addition of Aloe Vera into all the recipes aids the animal’s natural digestion and helps to support and improve their own immune system.

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Cases of Diabetes in Cats and Dogs has risen over 900%

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the media about our belovered pets eating habits and how they could impact on their health.

Pet insurance provider Animal Friends discovered that cases of diabetes in cats and dogs has risen by over 900% since 2011.

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Aloe Vera – Natures Gift

Digestion, Skin & Well Being

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