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Aloe Vera – Natures Gift

Digestion, Skin & Well Being

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Five Dog Training Commands using FourFriends Natural Dog Treats

Five Commands For You And Your K9 Friend.

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Feeding the Senior Dog. High Quality Premium Foods Could Save Money

Your dogs nutritional requirements should be tailored to the individual dog.

Dogs are classed as ‘Senior’ usually when they reach approximately seven years old. In larger breeds this will be younger at around 5-6 years and in smaller breeds they will be considered senior at around nine years old.

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Puppy Food - The Cheapest Isn't Always The Most Cost Effective

Overall, nutrition is as critical for your Puppy as it is for you.  

The food you feed your dog can directly lead to a healthy, vibrant dog, but it could also lead to medical troubles and possibly disease later in life, so it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make on behalf of your new puppy.

That’s why FourFriends Pet Foods believe your dog should be happy from the inside out. In case of puppies - you should divide the daily feeding portions into 3-5 servings. To maintain proper condition, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and do not overfeed. 

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The Best Foods To Feed The Allergie Prone Pet

From the telephone calls we receive daily it would seem that today’s dog and cat owners are becoming a little more savvy than in previous years. We believe pet owners are starting to pay attention to food labelling because they want the best for their pets. Owners are starting to read the labelling and are choosing foods that they believe will give their pets the best ingredients and helping them to have a long and healthy life. 

All FourFriends Premium Quality Dog and Cat Foods are gluten free and naturally hypo-allergenic. Gluten is the protein that is found in specific types of grain, namely wheat, barley, and rye. We only use rice in our complete foods.

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Is Aloe Vera Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Back in the late 18th century Aloe Vera was successfully used to combat a number of Horse ailments and became widely known as Horse Aloe.  In 1840 two blacksmiths, George Skevington and F.D. Day published their positive findings.

In 1950, a report was featured in a veterinary medical magazine. This report was made by a team of researchers who documented the positive antibacterial effects of the healing plant in relation to animal healing.

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Does Your Cat Suffer From Bladder Stones?

FourFriends Premium Quality Sterilized Food For Cats With Bladder Stones

FourFriends Premium Quality Cat Foods cater for all of your cat's needs at all life stages.  All our foods are naturally hypoallergenic and because we love all cats we add Aloe Vera for cats skin and optimum health.

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Digestibility of Protein in High Quality Dog Food

How Digestible is the Protein in Your Dogs Food?

Proteins are essential nutrients for the body. They are the major building blocks for muscle, bone, skin, hair, blood and other tissues. Proteins are polymer chains made of  amino acids linked together by peptide bonds. It is the quality not the quantity that is important. Some proteins contain more usable amino acids than others. This is measured by the Biological Value which is the percentage absorbed and retained and therefore used by the body.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poo?

A question we are frequently asked is ‘why do dogs consume faeces’.

There has been a variety of behavioural theories put forward as to why dogs engage in auto-coprophagia. This is when an animal eats its own faeces.Probably the most common misconception is that faeces eating is a sign that something is missing from the diet. Many owners feed their dogs only once per day. Dogs naturally want to have multiple meals throughout the day, hence they use ‘coprophagia’ to supplement their feeding schedule and fulfil this need.

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Feed Premium Quality Pet Foods Rather Than Prescription Diets

Should I feed a Prescription Diet or a Premium Quality Dog or Cat Food?

The question we are most often asked “is there an alternative to the very expensive veterinary foods that have been prescribed by my vet for my dog?”

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